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 Slimy NBC Blacks Out (((Harvey Weinstein))) Sexual Harassment Allegations

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PostSubject: Slimy NBC Blacks Out (((Harvey Weinstein))) Sexual Harassment Allegations    Fri Oct 06, 2017 4:39 am

In a report Thursday that exposed the so-called ‘open secret in Hollywood,’ The New York Times published accusations going back decades the claimed Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein was a serial sexual harasser. ABC Correspondent Linsey Davis described the allegations as “explosive,” but on NBC Nightly News and Access Hollywood, they completely ignore the story altogether. The NBC blackout came after they touted such accusations again late Fox News boss Roger Ailes and host Bill O’Reilly.

In their investigative report, the Times began by recalling a disturbing interaction between Actress Ashley Judd and Weinstein were he asked her to watch him take a shower. They added that:
Quote :
An investigation by The New York Times found previously undisclosed allegations against Mr. Weinstein stretching over nearly three decades, documented through interviews with current and former employees and film industry workers, as well as legal records, emails and internal documents from the businesses he has run, Miramax and the Weinstein Company.
Just as outrageous, Access Hollywood, NBC’s sensationalist gossip show centered on the rich and famous, failed to touch on the story at all. It’s the same show were the leaked video/audio of Donald Trump talking about grabbing women originated from.

Despite the fact that the accusations against Weinstein were so disgusting and heinous, NBC ran not a single second of the story. In the past, they were overjoyed by similar accusations against those who worked at Fox News. They spent days on end chronicling the fall of big names like Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly, and the advertisers who dropped their support. So why so silent now?
Well, according to the Times, Weinstein was a big player in Democratic political circles:
Quote :
A longtime Democratic donor, he hosted a fund-raiser for Hillary Clinton in his Manhattan home last year. He employed Malia Obama, the oldest daughter of former President Barack Obama, as an intern this year, and recently helped endow a faculty chair at Rutgers University in Gloria Steinem’s name.
In doing what NBC wouldn’t, ABC’s Davis noted on World News Tonight that Judd “told Variety back in 2015, ‘I was sexually harassed by one of our industry's most famous, admired-slash-reviled bosses.’” “She did not name him at the time, but Variety describes how he "Kept summoning her to his hotel room under the pretense of talking about roles in his movies" and "tried to get Judd to watch him take a shower," Davis added.

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Slimy NBC Blacks Out (((Harvey Weinstein))) Sexual Harassment Allegations

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