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 Keep secrets to yourself, women are not loyal

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Keep secrets to yourself, women are not loyal Vide
PostSubject: Keep secrets to yourself, women are not loyal   Keep secrets to yourself, women are not loyal Icon_minitimeThu May 08, 2014 11:51 pm

Some men can be daft. You would hope they learn certain things before they hit 20, but alas! the world is full of nasty surprises.

Keep secrets to yourself, women are not loyal Donaldsterling080514

With the right form of lubrication from women, men have been known to open their mouths recklessly when they should know better. Men have brought down empires and armies courtesy of their libido and incautious yapping.

Christians and any Bible reader are familiar with the story of Samson and Delilah. Locally, we have Luanda Magere. And we all know ‘big men’ who fell from grace to grass via trusting a woman too much.

And now we have Sterling. No fool like an old fool. For those who are encountering him for the first time, Donald Sterling is an 80-year-old, super rich American who is the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, a basketball team. Recently, his 31-year-old girlfriend baited him into unleashing a racist rant. She was recording him!

In the recording, Sterling pleads with Vanessa Stiviano to do whatever she wants in private, including having sex with black men, but should not post photos of them on the Internet or bring them to a Clippers’ games (never mind Basketball is black man’s game, owned by white aristocrats).

How graciously generous of him. And not too much to ask of her. Now Sterling has been fined $2.5 million (Sh1.8 billion) and banned from NBA for good.

Ailing from cancer

Now the issue here is not that Donald Sterling is a racist skunk. He has never hidden this fact given he never lets non-whites onto his property. His racism is well documented. And given we are tribal locally, we have no right to get mad at his race-lensed view of life. What we should all be mad at is his ingrate mistress, pest of a human being for failing an old man who is ailing from cancer.

We all reserve unsavoury thoughts to those from different tribe, race, nationality, religion, sex, et cetera, that we generally share with only those we trust. And Sterling, for blindly trusting a woman he spends millions on, he has been punished badly.

Those are women for you. Never loyal. Not that all women are not loyal, but the more than 70 per cent that are genetically disloyal give the rest a bad name. I’m outraged by what that girlfriend did. Donald Trump called her “a girlfriend from hell and a bad, bad person.”

I have endured my fair share of disloyalty from women but none hurt so bad than when a woman dumped me and eight hours later she was giving a lap dance to a man in a club.

I have seen women whose men are in the Diaspora, breaking a sweat to send money home, only for such women to dish out the dough to other men when not sleeping with them. Some women even  kill their husbands, just but to gain access to theirbank accounts.

The rule of thumb for all men is:keep secrets to yourself. Open up and the next thing she’ll be calling her best pip to spill the beans with the rider “don’t tell any one!”

Women come packaged with a scheming software and you never know when they are planning your downfall. Nigerian dictator Sani Abacha died cavorting with prostitutes. Jacob Zuma was nearly brought down by one.

Here is a cautious tale for men in power or those inclined to seek power. The cheapest route any enemy can use is a woman. Just ask Mossad who have use them to topple many big cojones.
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Keep secrets to yourself, women are not loyal

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