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 My childhood in a detention centre

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My childhood in a detention centre Vide
PostSubject: My childhood in a detention centre   My childhood in a detention centre Icon_minitimeMon Mar 03, 2014 3:35 am

A young man was recently beaten to death in an Australian detention facility on Manus island. There are children there, too. Children in an Australian prison camp.

My childhood in a detention centre Detention_wide-620x349

The little girl pictured here was placed in mandatory detention in Egypt when she was four years old. The detention facility also housed her parents and her infant brother. It was a bleak and upsetting place that was unsuitable for a child. Wire-framed beds, communal toilets, high-security walls. Barbed wire on all visible fencing. There were strangers there, speaking in other languages, their tones confused, frustrated, angry or despondent.

The girl was very frightened, even though her parents told her not to be. She was frightened because she could tell they were frightened. Because children always know. She was scared. She was small. She was me.
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My childhood in a detention centre

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