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 Funny: 'TigerText' iPhone App Bails Out Philanderers

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Funny: 'TigerText' iPhone App Bails Out Philanderers Vide
PostSubject: Funny: 'TigerText' iPhone App Bails Out Philanderers   Funny: 'TigerText' iPhone App Bails Out Philanderers Icon_minitimeSat Feb 27, 2010 6:35 am

Tiger Woods probably wishes he’d had TigerText, a new iPhone app that automatically deletes sensitive text messages and cleans up cellphone call records. When a user sends a TigerText, it resides on the company’s servers. After the recipient reads the message, the system deletes it immediately, 5 days later, or anywhere in between. The inventor swears the name was in place before Woods’ recent troubles.

The app can also erase evidence of private or ill-advised calls, but the founder says TigerText isn’t really aimed at philanderers or drunk college students. Rather, it’s intended for executives and lawyers who would like to wrest control of their communications from telephone companies, which are often required to keep records. Either way, Time notes, “TigerTexting is like paying $2.50 a month for stupidity insurance.”,8599,1968233,00.html
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Funny: 'TigerText' iPhone App Bails Out Philanderers

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